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Can't find garage door opener?

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2021 Atlas Cross Sport Excline (?) R line? Top of the line in trim packages I think, but no Homelink buttons on the roof console or on the mirror? Don't tell me that this basic feature is missing?
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Yes, its awful.
I think for USA models you can order one. As soon as restriction are done for vehicle boarder crossing, I am going to visit relatives in New York. Probably going to drop the car at dealer to see if they can install OEM that homelink for me.

Some posted that you can maybe install after market.
It's a dealer add-on feature now - it's combined with the rearview mirror.
There are no garage door buttons on the 2023 Atlas. I just turned in a 2019 Atlas which was equiped with this normal and necessary feature. The dealer didn't mention this and who would think to ask? I got the vehicle yesterday and I'll be talking to the dealer when he opens. VW also deleted the CD player in the glove box which I guess can be lived with. What other surprises are yet to be discovered? Not happy.
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