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Camper Battery Charging

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Empty Shell PN 1J0 972 732
Pins 000979134E both ordered from ECS Tuning $52 dollars total and 3 days to my door (Excellent service). I made up my pig tail using those parts and a new Tekonsha P3 EBC.

The installed results are very good with every kind of braking result one would ever imagine (Excellent).

Now I need one more step for satisfaction. Get the 7 pin to deliver voltage on the black pin so as to charge the campers 12 v house battery while towing... I believe the black (#?) blade on the Atlas is lacking

either a "fuse" or "breaker" or both, to complete and activate that black aux 12 v line which would provide at least minimal EMF ie make up power to the camper battery.

What have you found......................... VW owes us some pointers here since they have sold this Atlas as a "Towing Machine". Rem the principle 4 color handout advertisement towing an "Airstream Camper" plus

many more ads of towing ability.

What have you found out? Thanks & HTH! :)
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My pigtail* supplies (black lead) power from the onboard battery and, if plugged in, from the Atlas. It jumps +1.3 volts and the bus shows 14.42 vdc upon starting the Atlas. So there is at least some current there.

I don't have time now to put a DC clamp meter on that wire to see the amps/milliamps but I expect it be less than 6 0r 8 amps given the OEM VW wire size and slow tach (idle rpm).

Yet, it is fine for the current draw my small fridge takes in my SuperLite 19' camper.

I don't know yet if the black line remains powered when you park or if a timed "load-shed" switches it off.

The Tekonsha P-3 EBC works perfectly in this configuration.

*See previous post for items needed for DIY pigtail.
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