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Atlas ACC issue

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Got a new 2018 Atlas and the ACC (front assist sensors) keep giving a fault and shut down. Have made one trip to the dealer so far. Trying to contact them again to let the know it still isn’t fixed. The dealership it was purchased from is about 65 miles (one way) away. Has anyone had a problem with the ACC?
It works great on my Passat.

Thanks for any input.
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Should we all forget about the Atlas' ACC, or has VW recently come up with a better solution? I own a 2019 Atlas, which I bought brand new and the ACC has worked for a total of a couple of weeks. I've dealt with 2 different dealerships, the car has spent in excess of 4 weeks in their premises and the ACC still doesn't work. I think the problem is when I tow a trailer or camp trailer, I suspect this triggers the problem..
Came here looking for solutions to the same issue and funny you mention this. My 2019 is in for the second time for ACC issues. The first time it happened about 6 months ago when I was backing up with a hitch tray and the car didn't like it. Dash lit up right away and they had to recalibrate it under warranty. This time I had nothing connected and I was driving on the highway when the dash started going crazy. Car is at the dealer today and they asked me if I have been towing anything like a trailer or camper. I haven't towed anything since my first few weeks with the car and that was over a year ago. Thought it was weird they asked that but it seems they may now suspect the same thing.
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