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So my 2018 Atlas is at the dealer now saying I need to pay $395 to have the front radar recalibrated.
On a recent road trip, in a long run of interstate stop and go traffic the dashboard lit up yellow for no apparent reason. Front crash monitoring out, ACC cruise control, inoperable.
We’ve only had the car about 90 days. Dealer says we must have “hit” something but there is no evidence of impact except a small abrasion on the lowermost corner of the passenger bumper (where it isn’t even painted, but just black plastic). Looks like someone lightly touched a tall curb or something.
Only my spouse and I drive the car and again, the fault happened suddenly while driving down the interstate.
They’re saying it’s not a warranty issue due to the fact that it’s been knocked out of calibration. The radar and the grille and the bumper show no other signs of damage,impact or alignment issues. Does this sound right? Could the front radar have been knocked out of calibration by something so minor? Or could the computer have just created such a fault by just freaking out in heavy stop and go traffic!?
this same thing happened to me, i just came from the dealer last thursday, they told me its not under the warranty and it would cost 200 dollars to recalibrate the camera.... no bumps, no wrecks, no curbs nothing. just driving along and it started flashing saying the cruise control had been deactivated and hasn't worked since. the problem is the rear camera is messed up and it needs to be recalibrated. anyone know how to do this?
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