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Assistive Cruise control

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I have just purchased the Atlas SEL and have a question about the cruise control. When it makes very small adjustments to back off a vehicle in front (at a large distance), do the brake lights come on or is it just making small short brakes that do not cause the lights to come on? I would imagine it would drive the car behind me crazy. At what point do the brake lights come on if it is actively slowing down (like a car stopped in front) or if a car pulls in-between you and the car in front so it backs off more to get the required distance.
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I've never actually taken a look at brake lights on cars because there's really no way to do it when you're driving. But I'd assume the lights will turn on whenever the brakes are used even if it's the Assistive Cruise control system doing it. That's more for safety and I can't imagine it being more annoying to the car behind you compared to you manually creating that distance.
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I had a 2017 VW Passat with ACC and when it slowed you down, the brake lights did illuminate. (I noticed this while driving down a dark highway, feeling the car slow, and looking in the mirrors to see the reflection of my brake lights on the reflectors.)
I was wondering the same thing. I assumed that the brake lights would illuminate regardless of whether the brakes were applied automatically or manually but have not had the opportunity to verify. Thanks for confirming that.

Adaptive cruise control was one feature I was really looking forward to with my new vehicle purchase and the performance of ACC in the new Atlas does not disappoint. Looking forward to more road trips now!
The brake lights illuminate if the car auto-brakes.
On days where I have to commute to our other office and sitting on the 91 freeway, the ACC is amazing. The only wish I would want is for it to auto accelerate from a dead stop, although I do understand the safety/risk involved with that. I guess it ensures that drivers are still engaged in the drive and not completely tune out.
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