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About to buy my 4th VW. (81, 84 Jetta, 2013 Passat TDi), now an Atlas. Dealer is trying to find the one I want (specs). But it will end up being the 2019 SEL Premium (with a few extras tossed in). I previously had a 13 Passat SEL Premium TDi but we know how that ended... sold it back :crying:. Really miss the MPG, ride, missed turns because of the crappy Nav system, but hey, love that 1000 miles to a tank on the hwy.

So, was active on the TDi forum, thought I'd jump on here and see what I have to look foward to. :surprise:

Live in the Detroit area (no, I don't work for ANY of the big 3 so my neighbors who do will love me >:)
Retired Coast Guard and working for IT department for the county. :nerd:
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