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You will have to see if there is a plug behind your blank fog light covers and you will probably have to change your headlight switch. As for a power liftgate, I doubt whether it would be an easy mod.

2019 Atlas S 4Motion VR6
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Below are links to parts I used to add oem fogs to my 2019 Atlas S. Other than the ECS Tuning wiring harness, the ebay items can vary with availability and condition.

There is not a wiring harness for fogs hidden behind the solid covers. I was not able to find an access point or junction anywhere in the engine bay where a oem fog lamp harness could be connected. I’ve since learned that the Atlas trim levels each have different wiring harnesses based on options, as well as different electronic control modules. The ECS harness is of good quality, adequate length, includes directions and connects correctly to oem fogs. A fuse tap was used in the “C” fuse panel at a key/switched fuse to obtain power to feed the relay trigger wire. The relay trigger wire included with this harness is attached to the external switch assembly described next.

With the below oem headlight/fog switch and adding the trigger wire to the correct pin position, Atlas wiring diagrams, along with a OBDeleven using all the needed coding, I wasn’t able to program the Atlas S electronic control module (ecm) to activate the fog lamps. Instead I modified the headlight/fog switch to make the internal pull/push plunger for fogs activate an external switch mounted behind the headlight/fog switch. This was very labor intensive and involved in order to appear and function as if oem. Before figuring this out I first had installed a separate rocker switch to activate the fogs, which is much easier if you don’t mind the non stock look and this also doesn’t require the new headlight/fog switch.

The prices for the oem fog lamps vary. Some listings show missing/broken/or repaired mounting tabs, some don’t include bulbs and their electrical connectors and some have cracks or scratches. I chose to contact the sellers to verify condition.

The grills are new, fit perfect, and cost far less than VW oem. Black is all I’ve seen so far in aftermarket, so the silver is only available from VW.

Even without doing the headlight/fog switch mod, I recommend you have good electrical and mechanical skills, along with plenty of time and patience. The Atlas fuse panel diagram is also a must have. If you remove the lower engine shroud it will give you access to the lower valence where you can lace the wiring harness across from lamp to lamp. The attached pic of the backside of a removed front valance will better show this. The molded in clips for retaining the harness are already there on the S trim valance. Once you remove the solid grills the valance is the same as the trims using fog lamps and they will easily install into the existing cutouts.

Atlas Fog Lamp Grills
L & R Side Front Bumper Grille Fog Light Grille Set Fit For VW Atlas 18-19 | eBay

Fog Lamp Wiring Harness
Fog Light Wiring Harness - H11 Bulbs

Atlas Left Fog Lamp
OEM Volkswagen Atlas Left Driver Side Halogen Fog Lamp 3CN941661 | eBay

Atlas Right Fog Lamp
OEM Volkswagen Atlas Right Passenger Side Halogen Front Lamp 3CN 941 662 | eBay

Atlas Headlight/Fog Switch


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