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A little excited...

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am I, because tomorrow I will get my new Atlas! Really looking forward to driving this car in Germany, the home of VW (although they did not want this car to be driven over here...). Coming from five years Ford Flex and with a Mini Clubman, a VW 1302 (1972) and a Porsche 912 (1969) in the family, we will have fun with the ATLAS!
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Atlas! What trim/spec did you end up going with?
Congrats on the new Atlas and welcome to the forum! That will be nice to see...a new Atlas rolling on the Autobahn in Germany!
Here you can see the Giant in comparison with his tiny neighbor! I am still excited about this car. Great to drive, great to look at and provoking a lot of views on the road! "Is this a Touareg?"


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Nice ride...the Atlas looks right at home there! Thanks for sharing the photo!
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