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2018 Atlas SEL w/4Motion. Purchased Jan ’18 for $42K OTD (including some accessories). Now just about 4 years old/37K miles. KBB trade-in is ~$37K…silly market. Here’s the round up/real-world info:

  1. 6 oil changes (dealer/DIY) – zero oil consumption to speak over my 5-7K change intervals
  2. 5 tire rotations (dealer/DIY)
  3. 4 f/r sets of wipers (DIY)
  4. 2 cabin filters (DIY)
  5. 1 Brake fluid change (DIY)
  6. 1 Haldex fluid change (DIY)
  7. Air filter is a K&N so one and done – will clean/re-oil at ~50K, still looks fine
  8. F. brake pads/rotors at ~20K to fix pulsing (DIY) – bonus Centric Posi-Quiet pads are zero dust
  9. Tires –Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus 3s
Total cost: $2,256 for 4 years but nearly half of that is tires so removing that, a v. reasonable ~$300/year for the more basic maintenance bits.

Original tires were at 4/32” at ~36K/just shy of 4 years so they actually lasted great/stayed quiet etc. for OE tires. Even wear/no drama. These are 70K tires so should take me to up near 100K miles/5 more years if we keep it that long.

Recalls/service campaigns (in order):
  1. service campaigns 23X1 (update ECM software)
  2. service campaign 69V7 (Atlas quality package - airbag control module software update, climate software update, instrument cluster software update)
  3. recall 69X1 (seat belt/child seat)
  4. recall 01C7 (emissions sticker)
  5. recall 94L9 (headlight caps)
  6. service campaign 60E2 (sunroof drains)
  7. service campaign 26M4 (catalytic converters, update ECM software) – I did get a CEL on this one
Warranty work:
  1. Center console armrest hinge broke – replaced under warranty.
  2. F. d. mem. Seat lost sync/stopped working – fixed under warranty….happened again this year but I figured out to reset/sync it using OBDEleven so saves the PITA of going to the dealer.
  3. Leaking water pump @ 36K . Now I know where that slow coolant drop was coming from! Repaired under warranty.
  4. Noisy f. strut boots. Repaired under warranty.
My average mpg is ~17 with about a 60/40 city/hwy split over the 40K miles running regular Costco 87 gas most of the time. I’ve seen tanks in the low-to-mid teens in the winter for 100% short trips where you barely warm up the car and as high as mid-20s over a tank for all highway driving on trips. I’d say the 17-23 stated is accurate but unless you are driving on the highway, you will be towards the lower portion of that range is my take-away.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I have never bought a first-year run new vehicle and this one being a VW, my expectations were reasonable at the onset. Been a great large family hauler vehicle for us. It would make a good field vehicle for me with some bigger/more aggressive tires and a lift and I may convert it to that at some point when my next son is out of the house and my wife gets a smaller sportier car.
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