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Infotainment system is acting funny. Started with the occasional disconnect from the Android Auto. I checked the cord, no issue with it.
Then the resets started to happen more frequently. And the system started to reboot when driving.
Then it wouldn't connect to my phone. The screen would just sit there telling me it was trying to connect. Unplug the phone, plug it back in, and no change. Turn the system off. Turn it back on. It came on, booted, and shut down, boots, shuts down and nothing.

Pressing the power button did nothing. Restarting the car, no joy.

I tried a hard reset by holding down the power knob (left side knob) for 20 seconds. The system booted. It appeared to be running fine. I plug in the phone, and infotainment system reboots. When it comes up, the phone connects and it seems good.

I had called the dealer and made an appointment. I cancelled the appointment as the system was fine. Hard to troubleshoot something that works.

After a day of working fine, it started the same routine. Get in the car, phone is NOT plugged in. Prompted to connect. I connect and it sits there saying to check if the phone needs to allow the connection. The phone has no prompts.

Turn the system on and off. No change. Plug the phone in. Same deal. Try to use the media to listen to music on USB, and while the song plays, the screen remains with the Android Auto being displayed. Hard booted again.

I believe it is time to start taking pics and videos to show the issue to the dealer.

Any suggestions?
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