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2022 Atlas Going in Drive while in Reverse

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We have a new '22 Atlas that has 6K miles. Has anyone else experienced the car driving forward when it should be in reverse? Or vice versa? It doesn't happen every time we drive it but has done it enough to become VERY concerning. We took it to the dealership & they said they cannot duplicate the problem... Our teenage daughters drive this car and we don't feel comfortable with ANYONE driving it - let alone teenagers! My daughter almost hit a kid in the school parking lot. The first time my daughter told me about it, I brushed it off thinking she was the problem. But since then it has happened with my husband driving and our older daughter. The dealership wants us to come pick up the vehicle, but we don't feel comfortable driving it. Any advice?
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Take to dealership, you usually get good response here from at least someone if its a issue.. since no one had replied im assuming its ..well not normal or just SUPER SUPER take a video with phone when it does it as proof its doing it and how it happens..aka show car in drive but backing up etc,etc..
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