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Greetings, I'm new here but not to Atlas. Here's my review.
This is Atlas number 3 and I've had many VW products . I'm happy with my Atlas basic. I'll go through a few issues and what really shines.

Here goes, the fuel economy with the 2.0 AWD in the summer hits 30 mpg! Now in the winter it's around 26 mpg of course on the highway. Today, my Car-Play quits after 20 minutes of driving. I've contacted the dealer, updated my iPhone 10, running USB C cords (2) and it's an issue I'll have to bring back. The 18" factory Goodyear tires are fine, but not in the snow. I switched them out with Kumho Crugen HT 51 'Winter' rated (snow flake symbol) all season tires and now the VW is a snowmobile. Plus you can run them all year long. Happy.

First maintenance issue was the clunk sounds in the front end. Other VW's have had this over the years and it comes down to sway bar links which were replaced under warranty. Note, I bought my wife a new (20 SEL) Atlas the day I bought mine and her's had no issues, radio included. Now the horn, I took it to VW to ask (common failure in past VW's) and today the Atlas only has a high horn. The duel high low horns are gone, so they sound wimpy. Next item, to dim the dash lights you must be stopped and scroll in the radio to turn em' down- frustrating.

Now coming from a 19 Atlas V6, the fuel range of the 2.0 is fabulous, long range. The thirsty V6 version can have the fuel light on in less than three hours. The Base S doesn't have the RECIRC button, which keeps the car warn for 30 minutes in the winter is not offered in the SEL or S- Miss it. Oh, the 18" tires in the 2.0 AWD compared to the same platform with the 20" tires have increased fuel economy- yep the big tires take a hit. The base safety features don't have all the dinging in parking lots (cutting out the music) and when turning (cross traffic yes, but no sounds for blind spots just lights).

I'm happy with this VW basic Atlas 4motion. The motor warms up quickly (no heated seats/cloth). Great fuel economy. Has car-play. The price with the rebate is worth noting. Nothing comes close in size and features. Couple issues and that's the mighty Atlas in a nut shell. It's a bargain.
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