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I purchased a SE R-Line Atlas two weeks ago. I traded in a 2018 Tiguan SE and have really enjoyed some of the different features. One critical feature I wanted was the towing capacity of the 3.6l v6.

I towed a single axle trailer full of Scout equipment about 75 miles from home, including 17 miles of dirt roads of varying degrees. The Atlas performed amazing. After connecting the trailer electrical, the computer system told me the trailer has a bad filament on the right brake light. It adjusted the sensors for side and rear. When going up steep and slick, from rain road the traction control and wheel spin kicked in as needed. When I changed to off road mode, it adjusted on the slippery surface and went up.

Yes the trailer was not that heavy. Probably less than 1500 lbs total, much less than the 5,000 lbs rating VW has stated. The Atlas performed well.

Differences between the '18 Tiguan SE and the '21.5 Atlas SE that I don't like. The lack of door opening sensor. I can lock up using the door handle, I can't unlock using the door handle. If the feature is there, I don't feel the sensor on the driver's door, nor have I found a way to activate it. (okay that was a short list).

The interior is a brown, dark grey and black, and I believe it looks very nice.

Commuting to work the Tiguan, 2.0l Turbo, was getting nearly 28 mpg (27.7mpg per the computer). I am getting around 24 mpg using the Ecomode on the highway. The power in Eco mode is good, unless I need to do some heavy acceleration when merging. Even around town it is sufficient.

The phone charging spot is hit or miss. Road surface plays a part. Going up a dirt road that has new ruts formed by last nights thunderstorms and hail, the phone, as expected, dances all around the location and doesn't charge worth a darn. Driving down smooth roads it does okay. I will not count on this to jack up my phone during a commute.

Electronics for navigation using my Android phone and google maps is the same as the '18 Tiguan. Using the wireless Android Auto can create a lag in the navigation compared to a wired service.
Wireless hot spot came with 1 Gb data or 30 days of Verizon service. I probably won't continue this, but it is a nice to have.

Navigation display between the Tach and Speedo is a good touch and very helpful.

That is it for the first 400 or so miles / 2 weeks.
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