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I'm sure this will be going back to the dealer, but looking for an answer here just to understand.

Have a 2020 Atlas Cross Sport SE 2.0T 4motion. 5 or 6 months ago we had a factor hitch, wiring (4 pin), lower valence, etc installed at the dealer. All OEM parts. Of course, I never checked anything until the night before a trip (which would be now). I've read about needing the trailer software activated, or else the lights won't work. I have the opposite problem, all of the light, all of the time. I plugged in my little trailer and the running and brake lights are all on (incandescent lights, not LED). And that's it. Nothing changes with applying brakes, turning lights on or off, hazards, blinker, anything. Took a spin around the block and nothing changed (didn't expect it to). Vehicle also doesn't seem to know it has a trailer hooked up, as it blows up warnings screaming at me as I back up.

So I unplugged the trailer, and of course, the pins on the vehicle are then dead. Have lots of extra harnesses from past installs, trailer builds, etc. Made a jumper that plugs into the trailer, then alligator clips to the vehicle so I can check things with a multimeter. Hook up all the wires as they would be on a standard plug, and all are at the running vehicle voltage (right around 13V). If the ground plus any 1 wire is hooked up, then all outputs are 13V. If only the ground is hooked, the system sees no load and all 3 hot pins go dead. Hook up any 1 of them and after about 2-3 seconds all 3 read 13V again.

Poked around underneath, but there's really nothing to see. Nicely cloth loamed harness disappears into the upper regions of the bumper cover.

Is this an activation thing? Seems odd, like it'd be dead if not activated, not all hot. Anyone seen this before?

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