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6/2/21 Update - Seats are SOLD!

Hi All
(Admin I did not see a rule part that said I could not post for sale - if not ok, I can delete =)

I bought a 2019 Atlas SE with Tech and 4motion - love my Atlas.
However the 2018 and 2019 Atlas SE do not come with a vertical adjustment for the front right seat.
I ordered a set of 2020 driver and passenger seats off of ebay and they swapped out no problems.

So if anyone is looking for some atlas seats - I have a set.
Details below.

$500 is for both seats OBO

2020 Volkswagen Atlas SE Front Left Driver Leatherette Bucket Seats LH Black OEM. Condition is "Used"
2019 Volkswagen Atlas SE Front Right Passenger Leatherette Bucket Seats RH Black OEM. Condition is "Used"

Airbags have been removed from the seats.

Fits 2018 2019 2020 Volkswagen VW Atlas Front left driver and right passenger seat.
(The seat will fit a 2018, 2019 and 2020 VW Atlas and I believe it will fit a 2021 but have not tried)

The front left driver seat is a
2020 black leatherette OEM with power seat, lumbar and seat heater.
I do not know if it has or has not been in an accident - does not appear that airbag deployed.

The front right passenger seat is a:
2019 black leatherette OEM manual seat with recline and froward and back slide adjustment with seat heater.
The head rest has a small cut pictured below.
Has not been in an accident.

Wires were cut when I bought them.
(I used my existing wiring harness)

Seat airbags have been removed.

FOB Encinitas Ca.
Buyer pays shipping.
Free local pick up.
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