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We were considering all three of these vehicles up until today.

I was so very close to purchasing the atlas SEL today. when I test drove yesterday I had the sweaty back. My wife did not. So I thought well maybe it's just me and it was a one-off since we're living in Florida. Later that day the pilot EXL did not give me the same issue. So today I went down to re-evaluate the atlas SEL one more time.

The Atlas SEL was discounted about $7,000. Pilot discounted nearly 6,000. Telluride was selling at MSRP and above.

Regardless of what the YouTube videos indicate, the Atlas had much better pick up off the line compared to the Telluride and the pilot. Probably because of torque casing at a lower RPM than the other models.

the atlas, as reviews indicated, seem to have the interior that seemed less refined than either the pilot or the Telluride.

The Atlas second row was cumbersome. I tried the mechanism several times over the course of 2 days. Pilot had a much better mechanism. As did the Telluride. You just push one button and the center row seats automatically tilt and move forward on their own.

The Telluride s has similar issues for me in terms of sweaty back. The Telluride ex had ventilated seats. That was really really nice to ride in.

overall, the amount of money that they wanted for the SEL trim, knowing that it had leatherette seats, is probably a little on the high side... Even when discounted nearly $7,000.
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