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I can't speak for Honda's today but I once owned a 1990 Accord EX coupe. Lets just say after that car, Honda's have never been a thought.
Most reliable cars: 1993 Plymouth Voyager SWB, 1984 VW Jetta. And so far, 2009 Jeep Liberty (which I still own)

But with that said (flame on), I just took delivery of a 2019 Altas SEL Pre last night. Right now, I'm having issues with the Rain sensor/intermittent wipers. Meaning, they don't work. Wipers work fine in normal and fast mode. But in INT mode, no matter what position, they don't work. When it's raining, they still don't work.

Now, the cost of the car was around 48k. Minus $3250 for paying cash, $500 military. Time I added the 10/150k warranty, towing hitch hookup. taxes, regs, transfer of plate, was around $50k. I could be off a bit. Think the initial invoice price was $48k. FWIW, this is my 4th VW. 81, 84 Jetta. 2013 Passat TDI SEL Pre (sold back after 3.5 years of driving it). Now the Atlas. I'll do the likes/dislikes after a month or two of driving it.
How much was the extended warranty? Is there a deductible? And lastly, is it a bumper to bumper warranty, including electronics?
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