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Hello I'm from California,
I have a 2019 atlas and battery kept dying just by being in car for about 3-5 minutes. Battery dying constantly. Took the battery to get checked and it's still good. After putting the battery back in. I get EPC light, hill hold assist error, auto start on/off error. Wondering if one of these fuses is bad to start first since first we were only having battery issues but no apparent error messages until today
take it to the dealer and have them reprogram the charging system or car. The atlas charging system has to be programmed any time the battery terminals are taken off over a period of time. unlike car where u can replace the battery or alternator with no issues. I recently experienced that after i took the car for a small body job. , And i had to purchase a new battery even though all the old one needed was a boost. The dealer also replaced the alternator.
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