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2019 Atlas Engine Failure

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I have a 2019 Atlas, bought it brand new. It only has 39k miles. I have had an issue with the coolant and water pump since I purchased it. The second day I owned the vehicle it started smoking. I brought it back and they replaced the water pump. Issued continued over months and they’ve replaced it again. Now I’m being told I need a new engine? There are signs of corrosion? It’s under warranty, but I’m deeply concerned that I own some sort of lemon. Any one else have this happen? I’m also getting a new valve cover gasket and transfer case because it’s seeping oil. Seems crazy to me being the car is so new! I initially brought the car in because the front vents stopped blowing air and I need a new blow motor too?? Seems crazy to me!
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Things happen. No auto manufacturer in the world hits 100% QA/QC/zero issues. Be happy they are replacing it which is engine!
Not to be a overly positive 2019 Atlas owner, but we haven't had one issue yet. Cross my fingers. Runs pretty darn good. Purchased it new. Drive about 12,000 miles a year. Pretty solid.
I will hit 100,000 miles on my 2019 SEL Premium this weekend. Other than the recalls on the headlights, the sunroof drains, and one warranty repair on a steering stabilizer (apparently an entire batch was bad), the only maintenance has been regular: oil changes, differential fluid changes, brakes, plugs, coolant flush (this week, just ahead of my 100K mile scheduled maintenance), etc. Nothing else.

Still love this car. Multiple dealers are trying to get me to trade in and upgrade and I keep telling them no.
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