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2018 Volkswagen Atlas Is A Real Contender

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It’s only a matter of time until Kelley Blue Book takes a 2018 Volkswagen Atlas for a test drive and editor Zach Vlasuk thinks it could be a “real-deal contender”.

Sure it may have a few quirks that he isn’t a fan of including the steering wheel’s limited downward travel and slight wind noise. Fuel economy and acceleration could use some improvement as the three row SUV trails behind its competition, but what the vehicle has to offer makes up for all the negatives.

Well-mannered around town, this 4728 lb vehicle is surprisingly easy to maneuver. Most likely thanks to its light and quick steering, great sight lines, decent turn radius and linear brake feel. Of course what’s a midsize family hauler without comfort?

The Atlas’ ride quality is superb and the cavernous cabin is very well equipped, providing passengers ample room to stretch. In fact, the vehicle is nearly 200-inches long and more than enough space to accommodate seven “real” seats in a three row configuration. All that passenger space doesn’t cut into the 21 cu ft cargo area, which is quite generous in this segment.

At the end of the day, Vlasuk describes the Volkswagen Atlas as a vehicle that "drives like a mid-size, hauls like a full-size, plus it doesn’t look like anything else in the category."

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Sales numbers speak for it and not only is it those numbers but I also see a lot of Atlas' on the road. Even if the Atlas wasn't that great of an SUV then that strong on road presence would ensure it stays reasonably successful.

More on sales here: VW Atlas Selling Like Hotcakes In The U.S.
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