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Hi All - (Mostly?) New to this forum, and wanted to share some pictures of before/after of the Flow One 20" wheels I put on the car this weekend.

The stock 20" Black Mejorda wheels came in at 39lbs per wheel, and these Flow One's clocked in at just under 23lbs, a nice 16lb savings per corner (plus an additional 2lbs per corner for lighter tires than what was on it already).

I can tell you that reducing the rotational mass by 72lbs has made a significant difference in the way the car drives, from acceleration, stopping to simply turning.

All that being said, I now have four 20" Mejorda wheels with mounted/balanced tires in my garage; will likely want to sell those. May also lower it by 1-1.5"....Enjoy the picture comparison!

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky
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