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2018 SEL Premium AC Compressor Replacement

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Just wanted to give everyone an update on another task that had to be done to my 2018 SEL.

Since my ATLAS is out of warranty and my AC Compressor went out I decided to do this myself. FYI there is a TSB out for the AC compressor to be replaced if under warranty. Having done many AC compressors before I was very aware of what I was getting into.

Some things to note before someone dives into this project:
1. Ensure you have an AC recovery system.
2. Make sure you have the newest AC couplers 1234YF not 134A. 134a will not work on new systems
3. Validate if you have a clutched or clutchless compressor. This will be critical to pick the correct AC Compressor
4. You need an AC compressor gauge set
5. Buy the expansion blocks for the front and rear of the Atlas
6. Make sure you pick up an O-ring kit. Never hurts just in case.
7. Buy a month's subscription to ALLDATA

This is not a detailed how-to since there are many on the internet. My goal here is to educate... if you are out of warranty X are some of the parts required.

My AC compressor was a clutched compressor however when ordering I decided to go with a more standard clutchless. Not sure if was the best idea however I went with what was easiest to get. I picked up a MAHLE / CLEVITE ACP578000P.. (Thanks FCPEuro for helping pick one that will work)
I also decided to convert from 1234YF to 134A, while they are different if you are doing a full system extract you can swap the type as long as the compressor oil works with that blend of freon. This ac compressor allowed me to switch since it took PAG 49 oil or ST-10 both are the same.

Because of the type of failure of the AC compressor I decided to not replace the expansion blocks since the clutch went out not the internals of the compressor, that was a good win for me!!!!

Things to note is the ATLAS takes 110ML of compressor oil it took me a while to find this information in ALLData since its not easily accessible. The Atlas also takes .65kg of freon.

When replacing the clutched AC compressor with a clutchless I was not sure if coding was needed. I was fairly confident that because all the clutched used was the 12v from the car once the AC button was pushed I could use either or. The good news is that if you swap as I did it will work without any coding. However, if you have a clutchless compressor and you replace it with a clutched make sure you have an extra plug to trigger the clutch. If you do not the AC compressor will never work.

Below is the image of the clutched AC compressor. Note the 2 plugs and how brown plug wire goes to the clutch.
Automotive tire Gas Artifact Personal protective equipment Font

If you only have one plug which my finger is on ensure you only get the model I picked.

Overall was a simple system to work on, and as you can see in this picture I am running 134a without a problem.
Hood Electricity Motor vehicle Line Electrical wiring

TSB is also attached for people to look at.


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Nice write up tylerltr450.
Did the clutch fail all at once, or give any prior indication it was failing?
Nice write up tylerltr450.
Did the clutch fail all at once, or give any prior indication it was failing?
Pretty sure the clutch was failing over the summer but then when we went to use the AC in the spring we had nothing.
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