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Any one had this issue? My dealership is completely lost on how this is happening. At first they tried to brush it off saying we live in S. Florida and it’s the excessive heat we’ve been having. However I have had my car since January and this didn’t show up until September.
It starts like this; my antifreeze light went on. After telling the dealership and then just saying too it off, it’s “normal”. My husband tops off the below the line antifreeze and not soon after we started seeing spots, big and small where my car is parked. Some of the spots had wax film on them some didn’t. Unfortunately we have pavers and couldn’t get a color reference.
Brought car to dealership and they write me off and say it’s fine. Put carboard under and bring it 2 days later with now a wax drop on it and other “grease” looking spots that pick up orange when against white. They put the car up and tell me it’s Cosmoline dripping and it’s bc the hot weather here. Ummmm that’s not supposed to come off guys!!
The dealership has had the car in 2x since and can’t find a leak in the antifreeze or why else my car is hot enough, with no alert that the Cosmoline wax is dripping off.
Now I am working with VW corporate and trying to figure this out.
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