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2018 Atlas misfire in cylinder 6 after replacing spark plugs

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My 2018 Atlas S AWD 3.6l, kept dying so I replaced the battery Sunday, Monday it started misfiring, Tuesday it was misfiring and check engine light came on so I had the codes ran - code came as cylinder 6 misfire so I had my spark plugs replaced. Right after I picked it up, I could still feel the misfire so I took it back and it is pulling the same code. They moved the coils around to test them and they are fine… anyone had a similar experience? What was the final diagnosis?
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Something exactly like this happened on a different VW I owned and started throwing money at parts and finally took it to a shop…they said bad fuel and refilled with a better place and problem was gone for what it worth…
These misfires are likely related to either the fuel injector(s) OR you need your intake valves cleaned/de-carbon.
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