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2018 Atlas clock Problem

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Have a 2018 Atlas Launch Edition and am having problems with the digital clock of all things.
Every time we restart the car the clock returns to 12:00 AM. Set the clock and it works fine until
you turn the car off for a while. On restart it resets. Anyone else have this problem?
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I'm having the exact same problem plus the trip odometer resets each time. It did it for a while then stopped and has now started up again. The dealer claims that no one has had this problem before. What did you do to fix it? I'm taking it in on Thursday to get resolved.
I don't think @turbovw managed to fix the problem, at least he hasn't posted a resolution here. You may have to show his post to your dealership if they don't believe you.
Let us know what they say after your trip to the dealership.
I have not been to the dealership yet. The clock problem magically fixed itself. I have had a problem the the eco auto shutoff and restart feature. Where the atlas did not dothe auto shutoff,no matter if the cancel button was pushed or not. Have also noticed that sometimes it is really hard to shift out of park on a flat surface, like the trans is in a bind.
The auto shutoff seems to be based on several factors. One of them being the AC. I have noticed that if the AC is on, the auto shutoff feature may or may not activate. I am guessing this is based on the car battery charge since the battery would have to run all the electronics when the engine is off.

I have not noticed the shift out of park issue.
I too have had the clock reset twice when I start the car. It keeps scrolling through the times (continuously) then finally stops on the right time. Do you think this happens to do with the settings of the clock being set on 'gps' ? Any info on what happened at the dealership about this?
Just saw this one. My clock starts spinning as well--just the hours. The dealer said a button was stuck down, but I wasn't on the clock set function. It just randomly starts changing the digital display hours.
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