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I have a 2018 Atlas. Love it! Love it! Love it.

I drive for both Uber and Lyft, my passengers love the car as well.

However, the car has 111,000 miles on it. And in that time, the only issue I've really had have been AC related.

The first issue wasn't a big deal because I still was covered under the warranty. I needed to get the driver side servo replaced because it was doing nothing but blowing hot air from the car. Now the problem is MUCH bigger.

Inside of the AC evap box, the flat motors siezed. The seizing created a ton of pressure within the evap box causing it to explode. Sending a ton of white powder (the dealership said it was the insolation) into the car. Fun times.

Now in order to get it repaired, they're going to have to pull the entire dash board. Everything from the steering wheel to the glove box.

Can someone provide some help for me? I do live in So Cal, so the AC has been working as much as I have. But it seems excessive that something like this would happen, and in light of the servo issue that other people are having, it seems that this might be more of a design flaw vs. heavy usage. Or am I just out of the $4200 to get it fixed?
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