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2020 Atlas Cross Sport SEL R-Line
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Hello Folks,

I just bought a pre owned VW Atlas 2018 model 3.6 V6 from a VW dealer which had come off of a lease. The truck was in great shape and had only 50,000 KMS (31000 Miles) and was selling at a decent price so I bought it. I have driven it around 1000 Kms since i bought it (approx 1 Month in) and over the weekend I noticed 3 small drops of a brownish liquid on the ground, on the left side (if your facing the front). I raised the vehicle up with a jack and couldnt see much due to the protective shield covering the bottom. I put my camera through one of the holes at the bottom and tried taking a picture of where the leak could be coming from. The SUV does not have any engine light etc on and since that day i havent seen any other leak. Does anyone have an idea of what this is? is it an oil leak or coolant leak? I have attached a photo. View attachment 3043
I had oily brown fluid leaking from the drivers side on our 2020 Cross Sport SEL R-Line 3.6L this summer (2022). It started as a minor drip and worsened until it was leaving puddles, especially after a trip from Minneapolis to Door County WI. I brought it into our dealer and they diagnosed and fixed it quickly:
"Inspected and verified concern. Fount the leak to be ATF coming from a cross over pipe on the top of the transmission. Replaced pipe, cleaned oil residue and topped off transmission fluid, test drove and released vehicle."

The repair described was performed in a couple hours. I haven't seen a drop of fluid since then.
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