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  1. Brake controller

    Going to be towing, and will be getting a brake controller. Currently have comfortline v6 awd with the package. For the controller do I have to just get the module, or do I have to get the wiring harness as well. I heard the tow package has the wiring already done. Any thoughts or insights...
  2. Real towing capacity and upgrades. Is the FWD version that limited compared to 4Motion?

    Hello everyone, I own a 2019 SEL FWD towing package (NOT 4MOTION) We all know how roomy and family oriented SUV this is. We used to have a smaller SUV but since we were expecting a second baby, we decided to go bigger and the Atlas was the best option for us. After we purchased it, we decided...
  3. Pantoon boat with 3rd party hitch

    If I get the hitch installed at the dealer, can I pull a pantoon boat? Does anyone pull more than 2000 # with none factory installed hitch? Thank you