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  1. Volkswagen Atlas Complaints, Issues And Problems
    I have a 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport SEL V6 fully loaded that came with a rearview mirror with homelink system imbedded in the mirror. The problem is, once Homelink system is programmed in accordance with instruction that came with the vehicle, it will only close the garage door if it is open...
  2. 2018+ Volkswagen Atlas News
    Hi everyone, does anyone know how to reprogram just one homelink button? I use all three buttons, I need to reprogram just one, but keep the others the way they are. Does anyone know how to do this without erasing everything and starting from scratch? Thanks in advance, Anita
  3. Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Discussion
    2021 Atlas Cross Sport Excline (?) R line? Top of the line in trim packages I think, but no Homelink buttons on the roof console or on the mirror? Don't tell me that this basic feature is missing?
1-3 of 3 Results