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  1. 2020 X-Sport and 2021 Atlas upgrade compatibility thread

    Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Discussion
    Hi all, Recent new Cross Ssport owner and I wanted to open up a sticky, discussion thread on what aftermarket ATLAS parts you've run into that would and wouldn't be compatible on the CROSS SPORT given the differences in size, shape, dimensions and curves. So far it seems as though its safe to...
  2. Adding LED Lights to the Trunk

    Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently added LED bulbs to my ACS and people in our FB group asked if I could make a video to show them how easy it was. Here it is in case you want to make that upgrade too. Im still bewildered as to why VW left the trunk with old school yellow halogen bulbs. VIDEO - HOW TO ADD LED...
  3. 2020 Atlas Cross Sport trailer wiring activation

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought new Cross Sport with installed tow package. Remove blank cover and installed Pollack 7pin connector. Using U-haul convertor from 7 pin (round) to 4 pin straight connector. Using volt meter NOT getting any power to the lightning circuit. VW dealer told me I had to pay $139 (one hour...
  4. New CS SEL V6 4MOTION owner in DC

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I recently sold my 2014 Jetta SEL and purchased a Platinum Silver Cross Sport SEL V6. I've been enjoying exploring the mid-atlantic region's disc golf courses, parks, and landmarks with my better half and Canon EO6 6D. The Cross Sport's combined higher view of the road and extra...