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Question Conversion SEL Premium --> R-Line

We are thinking of getting an Atlas for my wife and have been eying the SEL Premium model. But she really like the looks of the R-Line; since VW doesn't seem to offer the R-Line trim for/with the SEL Premium features, I guess we'd have to do this manually on our own. So I have a couple of questions...

It seems that you would basically have to replace/add seven items:
- front bumper
- rear bumper
- side skirts
- R-Line side badges
- R-Line grille
- R-Line steering wheel badge
- wheels

1. Has anyone done this before? If so, can you share your experience (both buying and installing the parts)?
2. Does anyone know what the relevant part numbers would be?
3. Any advice where to purchase these parts?
4. Do the bumpers/side skirts come pre-painted or is that something else we'd have to do at or prior to installation?
5. Any other advice or comments?

I talked to the sales guy at the local dealership about this, who in turn talked to his parts people, but it seems that they have never done this either, and he didn't even know where to begin (hence for example my question #4). Any help would be appreciated.
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I have never seen a pre-painted body panel sold (except used). You would have to purchase and have painted and mounted each body panel. I think you are looking at least $3-4000 on body parts, paint and labor alone.

The badging can be ordered from VW. The wheels are like $250-300 each from VW, though you may be able to work with your dealer to get them swapped in for less.

I like the R-line looks too....but I wanted premium features. So I had to go with the Premium.

Check ebay....they have some r-line parts. Bumpers are like $1200+ for the front and $600-900 for the rear.
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Well, we ended up getting a black Atlas SEL Premium this past weekend, so the black plastic blends into the black paint. At this point I think she just wants those R-Line-style 4Motion badges for the fenders/doors and we're good. Maybe get the R steering wheel badge since her name starts with an 'R'.

Ultimately the project would be too expensive and probably not worth it. I guess the R-Line grill does not accommodate the front camera, so you're losing the 360 degree view. Alternatively, we have seen pictures of someone who had a white Atlas and had the plastic parts painted white -- that looked pretty good, too, though I think he overdid it on the front bumper.

Wife's happy, that's all that matters.
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That's what I got premium. Would look better with painted body panels like the R line, but the black is a decent compromise.
Pick up some R-line badges on eBay and stick 'em on.
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