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Purchase again?

Hey all,
Just joined the forum today after test-driving an AWD V6 Atlas yesterday. We drove the SEL, non premium and my wife and I were both really impressed. This vehicle checked every box on the list that we made for a 3 row. Power, while not "throw back in the seat", was satisfactory for us. Overall, the Atlas seems like a great value.
I get home and do more research and find ALL SORTS of complaints with powertrain, transmission, overall cheap "clunky" sounds that are rearing their ugly heads after a few weeks of ownership. These seem to be hit and miss, but overall quite a lot of poor reviews online from owners.
So I've come here to ask this community, Would you buy an Atlas again? The more answers I get here, the better.
I really want to love this car, but I'm deciding between the Atlas and the new gen Mazda CX-9. We also really love that vehicle, but there are a few features that make the Atlas more appealing to us.
Of course, if the Atlas's reliability is as dodgy as it sounds, I will have no issues looking elsewhere.

So please take a moment and let me know likes, dislikes, and overall impressions of the VW Atlas. Would you buy it again knowing what you know now?

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Hello Michael, welcome to the forum. Keep in mind that most of what you will find during your research online is mostly about problems or issues. Most people do not post about their vehicle when they are not having problems, hence the reason for your post.

I have 25,000 miles in 10 months on my V6 SE w/Tech and have no issues to date. We love the vehicle, it drives really well and we have taken several 1500+ mile road trips so far. The warranty is excellent, hopefully never needed. Can't say how important it is to have a dealership you can trust. Without a local dealer, I choose to drive 2 hours to the dealer I trust even though some are closer.

I would definitely buy again. Good luck in you quest!
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I am a new Atlas owner of 10 days. While it's too early for me to tell if I would buy it again, so far I like it a lot! I chose the 2.0T liter engine, as I liked the whole feel of the car much, much better than the V6 AWD. Fuel economy is much better with the 2.0.

Keep in mind that the Atlas comes with bumper to bumper 6 years/72K miles warranty. You won't get that form any other vehicle on the market. It adds value to the Atlas. And you can buy it way under MSRP and invoice...

Other thoughts - It rides comfortably;It is quiet; I find the seats very supportive. It does not feel/look cheap - I don't mind the plastic parts; They all fit well and seem to not squeak or move. Fantastic usable 3rd row seat.
Any newer vehicle on the market could have issues in the first 1-2 years. Warranty should take care of any problems.
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Of course these are just my experiences, but I have had more problems with this vehicle, including one they can’t correct, in just the first 4 months than any other new or used car I have ever owned.
I really want to like it but there is no way I would purchase another one. Asked on what I have gone through. I’m going to be getting Christmas cards from the shuttle drivers. I’m in the middle of asking for a buyback right now. If they accept I’m going to be shopping soon.
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I am Stephan from Germany, imported a V6 SEL, drove 1.500 miles since then. I love this little beast and as of know no complaints at all. Guess fuel tank could be a little larger. I would buy it again. The car is much more roomy and comfy than my former Beamer X3!
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So far so good. Have had tech issues. i had the electronics turn off on me, only when i was on a BlueTooth Call (call remained on but the sceen turned off) Turned off and back on was fine (at a stop light). My wife had the volume shut off completely, but recently learned there is a hard reset function and fixed it. As of now, yes I would repurchase again.

2018 SEL Premium
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Simple answer YES. I too was between the Mazda CX9 and Atlas SEL 4motion V6. The deciding factors were comfort/roominess overall....3rd row is the best seen, Safety- built like a tank with 5 star rating and smooth ride. Plus the warranty is one if the best in the industry. We love it!
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As I just mentioned, my experience over the past 3 months has been positive. It hit all our family's needs....space, safety, great 6 year bumper to bumper and fun to drive. You can check US World and News reviews at https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/volkswagen/atlas
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9 mos/10K miles, it's fine..not a single issues that I have needed to take it back in for. Overall, the data will show that the problems are not the norm but the online forums will be filled with lots of negative b/c that what people do when they have problems..complain. People don't start threads that say "another day my Atlas didn't have an issue". Also keep in mind some people are complaining about things that are related to 1) not knowing how things work and 2) normal conditions for the vehicle that are perceived as issues. Yes, some folks are having legit issues but by and large from what I can tell, they are getting handled.
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I am not sure, a major reason for my selection was the advertised 5K towing capacity. Turns out that is on the SEL version which has a ton of electronics and feature that I simply don't need which is why I bought the SE with 4Motion and the VR6 motor thinking I will add the hitch later rather than pay the 15K for all the options I don't need. I only see an option for a 2K hitch on the VW site. If I can't put a 5K hitch on this vehicle then I feel like I have been duped and will never buy another VW again. I have had trouble searching to find the difference in the SEL and SE. I understand that there is a difference in the wiring, the different hitch itself , and changes where the hitch fits with the bumper.
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