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2018 VW Atlas Sun Roof Leak: Chronic HELP

I have a 2018 VW Atlas SEL with Tech package. It has a panoramic sun roof.

For the last 8 months after or during rain, water leaks down behind mirror and drips on entertainment center.

Took to dealer and they unplugged the drains first time.
Next 2 times they dropped the headliner and unplugged drains.
Next time unplugged drains and ran hose over sunroof 2 hours.

Deal has thrown hands in air and does not know how to fix.

Filed Case with VW Customer Care. Not willing to buy back or give me a new Atlas.

They gave me a minimal trade in allowance. Since this is a $45000 car im going to loose my shirt if I trade.

Does anyone have any similar problem? Ideas as to how to fix?


** I should have stayed with my trusty Subaru OUtback.
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I have been having the same issue with my 2018 Atlas SEL V6. I have gone back and forth with the dealer and regional VW Customer Care. I have three other vehicles that live in the exact same environment as the Atlas. They all have sunroofs. None of them leak except the Atlas. This is clarly a drain design issue and we need to keep the pressure on VW for them to address it.

I am also at the end of my rope. Perhaps we need to gather up as many people as possible and threaten a Class Action Lawsuit.
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As I wrote before, my 2018 Atlas SEL V6 AWD with sunroof also leaks. Most pronounced when on hill. As I live in San Francisco, I only ever park on a hill, so can’t confirm the flat ground situation. Anyhow, California Lemon law requires them to either fix or refund if can’t fix after 3 times within 3 years. As this is clearly a design flaw, our vehicles are probably going to be discounted be several thousand dollars due to a reputation for uncontrollable leaking. VW has said they will guarantee any damage to the electronics or mold, yet that ignores the decreased residual value of the vehicle due to its flagrant defect (that they knowingly sold it to us with).

If they give me any problem about issuing a full refund, I ABSOLUTELY WILL JOIN IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.
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Huh. California lemon law official website actually only says a minimum of 2 repair requests and up to the entire period of the original mfctr warranty (which in our case is six years) and remedy is either a full refund, or replacing it with a substantially similar vehicle.
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well our leak they say is weather stripping

before I we even made our first payment on our 2019 Atlas SE 4 Motion it started leaking from upper console area after heavy storms. It only happened a few times when the car was stationary during the storm. Took it into the shop and its been close to 2 weeks now. we have been told there was a weather stripping issue. They are now replacing all the headliner and the carpeting due to what they said was visible mold. They said the drain plugs were not the issue here.

I am very concerned about mold being present in the car with my young child and pregnant wife.

I am anxious to get it back to see if the weather stripping fixed the issue or if it just leaks again.
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