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Same issue with ours that started at the 6-month maintenance plus software update (November 2018). Remote start stopped working after that. Check engine light came on. Dealer said we need to replace fuel injector. Check engine light was off for about a week or so then turned back on again. After driving a few days with it on, it turned off as we were driving to the dealer. Go figure! Anyway, happened again. Check engine light would turn on and off ao we brought it back in. Now they’re telling us we need to replace the catalytic converter that isnon backorder for a month! We have a 2018 SEL R-Line with less than 7k miles. Our suspicion from the very beginning of all these issues is that the software update messed it up. Our Atlas was perfectly fine before we brought it to for maintenance.
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Catalyc converter

Originally Posted by Mdebiasio View Post
I had my engine light come on and when bringing it in to dealer they also diagnosed it to be the catalytic converter. ETA for parts is 4-6 weeks. This is not my first issue. A month ago I had the water pump replaced after noticing the engine coolant was a little below the add line. Anybody else have their water pump replaced?
Hi there, I am having the same issues, just came back from Maple dealer, been toll that i need a new catalytic converter, the car is 10 months old, a lot od issues and recalls with this vehicle, been told that it will take 2 to 4 weeks to get the part.
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I got check engine light on today. When checked the code, it's P0420 for bad Catalytic converter. I have almost 18 months and 8700 miles with the car. The catalytic converter for my Honda Pilot went bad after 7 years and 110,000 miles, but 8700 miles and 18 months does not make sense. I have been pretty big admirer of Atlas since I bought it, because I enjoyed driving it and loved this car for not having any problems, but looks like every honeymoon ends some day and mine ended today. I had no problem so far and was recommending it to people as a good car, but engine light on today changed it altogether. I guess sooner or later every Atlas owner is going have some kind of problem and it's a fact that this car is not built good. I am calling dealer tomorrow for an appointment and looks like my nightmare started today. I lost confidence in the brand and won't buy any Volkswagen car in future.
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Such a shame that during a time VW could have improve their build quality, underdogs like Kia and Hyundai have stepped up. Stepped up so much they're some of the most reliable and dependable vehicles on the market. Who would've thought? Won't be surprised if some people here also own a Korean product.
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Here is something interesting happened. The CEL was on for 5 days for P0420 (bad Catalytic converter), and then it turned off by itself on last Friday. It's been off for last 3 days, so cancelled dealer appointment. My rear right tire was also loosing air during those 5 days when it was on, and I ended up replacing the tire because nail was on side wall. The day tire was replaced, I got TPMS light turned on because I was suing the spare donut, which I reset in car menu after new tire got installed. It was one day after new tire was installed that CEL for p0420 turned off by itself. I asked the dealer service representative if there is any relationship between these, but as expected, the flat tire can not cause P0420 (bad Catalytic converter) CEL, so not sure why I had it for 5 days and then not on in last 3 days. I drove 70-80 miles in last 3 days to see if I get it back on, but nothing yet. Has anyone has similar experience with CEL.
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Originally Posted by ssingh View Post
. . . Has anyone has similar experience with CEL.
Yep. While driving home the CEL came on and I pulled over and checked the manual and it said to drive the car to the nearest dealer. Was only 6 miles from home and over 45 miles to the dealership so I opted to drive it home. Called and they advised me to have it towed in, (Which I did.), and while I waited for a tow I checked the engine with a code reader and got the now infamous P0420 code. Each time I started the car the CEL came on, and when the tow truck driver, (Actually a truck with a flat bed trailer showed up.), as I was driving the car onto the trailer the light went out.

After having the problem diagnosed at the dealership, they had us pick the car up and drive it since it was going to take about a month to get the new catalytic converters in. After about 700 miles the CEL came back on again and since we were close to the dealership we took it in and luckily they had the replacement cats in stock and were able to fix it over the next few days.

Everything was fine for a few more weeks till the light came back on again, but this time it flashed about three times, went back off and was diagnosed as a whole different situation . . . and a lot worse then the previous problem. (But that's a topic we can save for a later time!)

Let us know when the light comes back on and you finally have to have the cats replaced!!
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