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Tire presure 47 PSI!

I had my Atlas for two months, and on Monday I got a flat tire. I took it to tire shop to fix. When I picked the car up, the fixed tire had PSI of 36, and rest of the tires has PSI of 46-47! So it means the tire shop set the right PSI, and the dealer seriously overinflated the tires. The max PSI on the tires is 44 PSI.

I got my car at Boardwalk in Redwood City, CA.

BTW, I have the standard tires that come with SE.

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I purchased my Atlas in March. When I got it home I checked the tire pressure. All tires were over 50 psi!
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Interesting. You would think the tire pressure system would catch such a drastic over inflation. Perhaps the sensor only checks for low pressure. Either way, this sounds like a "dealership" issue to me. Thanks for the heads up. I checked my tires this morning and all are right on the money.

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Think I read this somewhere, the tires are over inflated a bit from factory for transportation so you don't get flat spots. They do sit around for a long time without moving during shipping.
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If you look at the tire inflation sticker in the driver's door frame, you'll see that the factory recommended pressure is 35#. However, I feel that it is too soft, and run the tires at 40#, which feels better to me. When towing, I may bump the pressures up to 44# (tire max). The tire inflation monitor system does not monitor air pressure - it watches for a difference in wheel speed. A tire with low pressure will turn faster, and the system will notice that and let you know. However, it is up to you to recalibrate every time you change tire pressure so that system knows what normal is. Read your manual - it will tell you how to do that. If you don't, you could get false warnings.
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It might be a good idea to get those tire caps that show you tire pressure. At least that way its easier to be proactive about the state of our tires, all for about $100 (last I seen them)
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My new 2.0 Atlas came with 45psi all wheels. Door sticker says 35psi. Manual says 30psi for the 2.0 engine, and 35psi for the V6. So according to my manual, I should use 30psi, which seems rather low. Even 35psi seems a bit low. I adjusted all wheels to 38psi.
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I bought a demo with 6k miles on it and tire pressures where 45psi.

Originally Posted by nkrashef View Post
Interesting. You would think the tire pressure system would catch such a drastic over inflation.
The tire pressure system doesn't sense actual pressure only a drop in pressure.
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Just high pressure so the dealer doesn't have to mess with them as they sit on the lot. Not really a big deal, they should have set it to 35 but didn't; set it and don't worry about it. Also keep in mind the TPMS is indirect (read your manual) so once you get them all to 35 reset the system in the infotainment.
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