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Unhappy Coolant Leak

My New Atlas S 4motion V6 7000 miles already has a coolant leak. Its so small that there is no puddles on the ground only a sweet smell and the coolant tank is letting lower and lower. It seems to smell more on the left side of the vehicle. Anyone else with this issue? Can I temporarily use water to get be to the dealer ( 300 miles)
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Engine coolant "No regular water"

The owners manual says distilled water only. I wouldn't use regular tap water because when you get it fixed they might have to flush the whole system. Some tap or well water can have mineral deposits in it which could cause problems with seals and aluminum parts,
Also the coolant used in the Atlas is G13s

Victor H
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I have the same problem. I noticed the coolant low the day after I brought it home from the dealership. I called the service department and they told me it must have "evaporated during transport from the factory"!!!??? After 5000, the coolant is low again and I notice the same thing: coolant smell but no obvious leaks.
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wonder if there's a way to locate the leak... Maybe try another dealership and hope that service department can figure out the coolant problem? Seems crazy to have it just "evaporate" twice in such a short amount of time.
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Yes they can do a pressure test. They will hook up to your radiator cap and or coolant resivor tank and pressure the system to specs, if it’s leaking you’ll see the dripping. Done it hundred times on my Rams .. try purging the coolant system. Have a dealer do it. Then refill with coolant. Also check all hoses are tight. Mainly look at the front right tires wheel well, you see anything there ?
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Originally Posted by Vespamax View Post
I have the same problem. I noticed the coolant low the day after I brought it home from the dealership. I called the service department and they told me it must have "evaporated during transport from the factory"!!!??? After 5000, the coolant is low again and I notice the same thing: coolant smell but no obvious leaks.
There is no way coolant should be evaporating this quickly, and why would they not have topped up all the fluids prior to selling it? If its not a full on leak which would be obvious by puddles on the ground, then its probably just some hose clamps that require tightening. A dealer can also due a dye test to pinpoint the location of the problem.
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We bought a brand new SEL Premium and drove it off the lot with 4 miles on it. At 33 miles, the same day we brought our car home, the check engine light came on. Found out we had a faulty coolant pump. 7 weeks later we are STILL in a loaner. I was told today that they no longer have an ETA for the pump. What a mess. (Sigh)
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2018 SEL Premium here having the exact same problem. Noticed a coolant smell in the engine bay from very early on, but just chalked it up to some coolant being spilled in the engine compartment. No leaks on the ground.

Last week we got a low coolant indicator in the car, called the dealership and had a good laugh after they told me it was "normal dissipation". Brought it in for a pressure test and they say they said it held up. I can only think of two reasons for this: 1) they did it wrong or 2) coolant is leaking into the engine.

Did you ever find out what the issue was?
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Coolant smell . . .

Same problem as those mentioned above . . . 3.6L V6 SEL Premium 4MOTION with ALL the bells and whistles. First noticed a coolant smell after driving the car at just below 7,000 miles. Kept watch on the coolant level and at first didn't really notice a difference but finally started seeing maybe a hairline drop after a couple hundred miles or so. Keep checking it on a regular basis and a little later and it had actually suddenly dropped down well below the lower line so I bought some antifreeze and filled it back up exactly to the upper line, and noticed it slowing dropping down again over time. Have looked and can't find any indication anywhere under the hood that there's a leak and nothing under the car when parked in the garage.

Took it in for the 10,000 mile service and explained the situation. Was given the "standard" answer about doing a pressure test and not noticing any drop in pressure, but they did fill the coolant level well above the upper fill line before returning the car after the service.

Also complained about noise coming from the fans when turning off the engine. Wasn't there when we first got the car, and now it sounds like an old clunker and it's loud enough that it's noticeable to people parked next to or standing outside the car. (Makes you fell really nice about the new Volkswagen you bought!) Have even started noticing a gurgling sound for a while coming from the engine after turning it off like it's running hot but the temperature gauge stays right on the middle level and never indicates an over-heating problem. Have watched the engine oil temperature and it runs anywhere between 190° to around 220° but I'm not actually sure what is considered the "normal" range.
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I've noticed the same issue for probably a couple months now on my 3.6L SE. Took it to the dealer finally and they told the pressure held at 1.5 BAR. So, I told them that coolant is like AC refrigerant and is not consumed. If the level diminishes, there is a leak.

I teach high school auto shop after over 15 years in the heavy truck fleet maintenance and am double ASE master certified (auto and med/heavy truck). Let me just tell everyone here that coolant does not dissipate or evaporate. If you look in any owner's manual in the last decade or two, you'll likely find in the maintenance schedule a coolant replacement interval of somewhere in the 100,000 mile range. If your dealer tells you some nonsense because they don't know what's going on with these super slow Atlas leaks, just point out that the owner's manual does not even have a replacement mileage (and our manual maintenance schedule goes up to 150,000 miles).

If anyone gets this figured out, let us know! My super slow leak took a couple months to trigger the low coolant warning.
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